AppLocker - Safeguard Your Mobile Apps

AppLocker has gained popularity because of its safety features that protect your mobile apps against unauthorised access. Users can view and track the latest action on their applications. The applications installed on the consumer's smartphone are encrypted and protected from users' view. When an application is not protected it's going to seem to be a"normal" android program in your phone, but it is really a program protected by AppLocker which blocks specific users from accessing it.

AppLocker may lock Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Gallery, Snap, Instagram, Messages, Contacts, Emails, Settings, incoming mails and any other program you desire. AppLocker has imperceptible background and random pattern lock.


AppLocker is a great tool to protect your Android device against theft and other threats. In reality it's one of the best ways to maintain your precious Android system protected from burglars as you are sure that your device won't be stolen, and even if it is stolen the odds of apps to lock other apps it getting compromised are low. However there is an alternative from the AppLocker application which lets you disable the display lock choice for your smartphone.


Even though this is sometimes a handy feature for the ones that have to use their Android apparatus to access their cellular internet, it may also be a significant hassle for those who use the smartphone for other purposes. It can stop your smartphone from displaying any significant information to other people. You may be annoyed with your smartphone being blocked from viewing a picture you took at a picnic or even a video of your kid doing a hint, so you install the AppLocker application to ensure that your data along with your smartphone are maintaining protected. However AppLocker doesn't only allow you to disable the display lock alternative. It also lets you specify a password on your smartphone, so that you could use it with confidence knowing you will just give access to those you know.

In addition, it can be employed to limit access to the Bluetooth and Wifi capacities of your own Android smartphone so that you can restrict the number of people who have access to your device without your permission. There are many different uses for AppLocker, including the ability to limit or block specific programs and certain activities. In the settings menu of your smartphone.


To use AppLocker, you just download it to your smartphone and after that you've got to click the application icon and click on the"Settings". From here you need to select"Manage Programs" then click on the"add or remove a program". Then click the"Insert App", click on the"add" button, enter a password and then choose"OK". This action will then ask you to save the modifications on your smartphone and reboot it. AppLocker will automatically load the newest version of your application, which is now added to your telephone, permitting it to run without any problems.